Java SE 7 Programmer I

This course is based on the exam topics for Java SE 7 Programmer I. You will get a solid Java programming base and preps you for the exam.


Define the scope of variables

Variables can hold all kinds of data. Java provides a way to limit access to them. These scope rules are as follows:

public: everyone
private: only this class
protected: only this class, this package, or subclass
static: globally without instance
final: cannot be changed or overridden
no modifier: only this class or this package

Scope is also limited to start and ending braces.


Define the structure of a Java class
package nl.code4all.basics;
class BasicClass {
    // fields/members/variables represent state
    int number;    
    // methods/functions represent possible interaction
    void methodA() {

Create executable Java applications with a main method
package nl.code4all.basics;
public class BasicApp {
    // start point of application
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        System.out.println("Hi there");     

Import other Java packages

Create two new packages/folders nl.code4all.basics.a and nl.code4all.basics.b. Create two classes.
package nl.code4all.basics.a;
public class ClassA {
package nl.code4all.basics.b;
import nl.code4all.basics.a.ClassA;
public class ClassB {
    private void importFromOtherPackage() {
        ClassA a = new ClassA();

Using the import nl.code4all.basics.a.ClassA; statement we can import and use code from another package.