Exporting Ogre Models from Blender


  • Download and install Python 2.6. Blender does not seem to work with Python 2.7 and higher versions. http://www.python.org/download/releases/2.6.6/ The export plug-in uses a scripting language, in this case Python, to work with Blender and do the actual exporting.

Copy Ogre BlenderExporter

After you have download the exporter you need to unzip the files and copy them to the Blender <blender install>\.blender\scripts directory. In my case:

H:\Blender 2.49b\.blender\scripts

In above example the file should be at the following location:

H:\Blender 2.49b\.blender\scripts\ogremeshesexporter.py

Create system variable

Go to your environment variables screen (windows key + print screen) and create a new system variable called 'PYTHONPATH' without the single quotes. Use the following value, ofcource replacing the <python install> with your own installation directory of Python.

<python install>;<python install>\DLLS;<python install>\LIB;<python install>\LIB\LIB-TK

My example:



  • Open up Blender. There should be a cube already there.
  • Go to File → Export → Ogre Meshes. The Ogre exporter window should open up.
  • De-select the 'Require Materials button' and select an export location.
  • Press the 'Export' button.

Verify two new files where created at your export location:

  • Cube.001.mesh.xml
  • Scene.material

Normally you will use a model with nice textures and materials. But that is outside of the scope of this setup.

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