Creating a p3d file and installers

Make sure you do the following before creating the p3d and installers.

  • Convert any non .egg models to .egg format.
  • In your code load models without the .egg extension. The packp3d converts them to bam format which also loads faster.
  • Convert audio files to mp3 or wav format and adjust your code.

Then create a p3d file using packp3d. Use packp3d -h for help.

packp3d -o stackworld.p3d -d D:\tmp\stack_world -r ode -r audio -r morepy -n dat -n mp3
  • Run and test your p3d file first before continuing creating the installers.

Then with the p3d file use pdeploy to create the installers. Use pdeploy -h for help.

pdeploy -N "Stack World 3D Beta" -v 1.0 -a com.boy -A "Boy" -e -s stackworld.p3d installer

More info here