Blender to egg model


Blender plugin

Enable the DirectX export add-on in Blender in the User Preferences menu.

Create model

Make sure to unwrap your object (in edit mode select faces/vertices) and press U) In the UV/Image Editor Add the Material and Texture (ALT+O) For the Texture coordinate choose UV and for map choose UVMap In the 3D view set the display type to Texture Make sure your object is in the center of the world

Export model

Export as .x file Use pview to preview your model.

pview test1.x

When satisfied convert to .egg

x2egg test1.x test1.egg


When you dont see the texture in pview check the following:

- check with a text editor if the .x file contains the texture file. Like brick.jpg ? - is the texture in the same folder ? - did you use a uv mapping in Blender, just assigning a texture material is not enough

For external textures you can have a look at