Using Android SDK with Netbeans 8

Download SDK

Netbeans Android Plugin

New Project

  • Create a new project … Android Application;
  • Make sure the package name has atleast 2 parts. Like nl.code4all;
  • Click Finish and clean and build your project;

Export to apk

  • Right-mouse your project and choose Export signed Application package;
  • Follow the wizard (create a keystore, alias and key);
  • When done you should have a .apk file in your /bin folder;

Install apk to device

I have tried using (avd) emulator with virtual devices but they keep hanging/freezing and are really slow. Install the app directly onto your device worked for me. With some handy commands this process can be quicker.

  • enable usb debugging options on device
  • install usb driver device on your pc
  • stop and start adb using adb stop-server, adb start-server
  • connect your device
  • run adb devices and check if there is an entry

(re)install apk on only connected usb device.

cd D:\android-sdk\sdk\platform-tools
adb -d install -r D:\Dev\AndroidApplication1\bin\AndroidApplication1-release.apk

When not authorized restart adb and reconnect usb device. Your device should ask to accept the RSA key for pc.